Rise of the Rune lords

The Glassworks

Our intrepid adventures investigated the disappearance of Ameiko Kaijitsu. This led them to the Glass works and the destruction wrought there.

Tsuto, Ameiko’s half-brother, brought his goblins here to get vengance on their father and Sandpoint in general. The goblins buchered the workers and net their demise at the hands of the party.

Tsuto and the remaining goblins were taken in the basement to the Glassworks.

Tsuto’s journal revealed Nualia to be the matermind behind the attack on Sandpoint. She is using the destruction brought on by the goblins to fuel her transformation from angelic to demonic.

The party rescues Ameiko and heads back to the smuggler’s tunels under the glassworks to stop Nualia.

The party amerges from the smuggler’s tunnels into the Catacombs of Wrath. There they encountered sinspawn, brought from a Runewell by ErylErylium. After a tough fight with Elyrium’s summoned pals, the party triumphed…….


scomellon scomellon

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